Navigating the First-Time Home Sale Process 🏡✨

Navigating the First-Time Home Sale Process 🏡✨

Deciding on a selling price without bias can be challenging, especially when it's your first time selling a property that you've cherished as your home for many years. There are no fixed rules requiring you to set your price according to market conditions or inventory levels, but discussing these aspects with your real estate agent or appraiser is beneficial.

These professionals understand that pricing involves both art and science and are heavily influenced by market supply and demand. For the best results, it's important to talk with an expert experienced in navigating our current market.

It's also important to know the difference between Realtors and appraisers. Realtors, whose primary goal is to facilitate the sale of your home, may not be entirely unbiased. The contrast appraisers are valuation experts. They're bound by a strict guidelines to provide an impartial assessment of your property's value.

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