Sheboygan County Market Update - 3/13/24

Sheboygan County Market Update - 3/13/24

Hey Sheboygan County, it's time for your weekly real estate update. My name is Markus, your local realtor, and this is what's been happening over the past seven days right here in Sheboygan County.

We saw a total of 19 new listings hit the market, 18 properties that sold, 3 properties came back to the market after they failed to sell and 4 properties did price changes.

If you've been following along too with my previous weeks videos, this is just more of the status quo with almost an equal number of new listings compared to the sold listings that have been stretching on for months and months at a time.

This week we've been seeing an above average number of homes coming back to the market after they failed to sell. That's most likely due to appraisal issues where the sale price was just more than what the property had price for.

If you're a seller in this market, the lack of inventory hasn't changed much this week. One extra net property on the market doesn't change the months of inventory available, which is added historic low.

If you're a buyer in this market, look for those properties that came back to the market after they failed to sell, because most of those sellers are trying to keep their original closing timeline. And you might, just might, be able to score a deal until next week.

I'm Markus, your local realtor at Savaglio and Co.

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