Sheboygan County Market Update - 5/15/24

Sheboygan County Market Update - 5/15/24

What's happening Sheboygan County? It's time for your weekly real estate update. My name is Markus, your local realtor right here in Sheboygan Falls and this is your seven day housing update for Sheboygan County.

We saw a total of 42 new listings hit the market, 19 properties sold and two properties came back to the market after they failed to sell.

The spring market continues to turn out more listings than we've seen in a long while. This week we hit double digits again for net new listings at 11. When you add that to the past five weeks, we're going to start seeing the total months of inventory begin to creep up a little and that for the moment is much needed relief if you're considering selling. The larger supply of new listings isn't putting any downward pressure on prices yet. It's the spring season and as we inch our way to the higher months of inventory, it's important to note that last month we only had 1.34 months and anything under six months is considered a seller's market.

If you're a buyer, the past few weeks should bring you a little bit of hope. It's still very competitive. We're seeing median home prices still rise just a little bit. The increase in listings over the past month and 1/2 are giving you a little bit more choice. I'd still be prepared to fight in those multiple counter situations, but instead of maybe 10 other offers, it might be down to 8.

Let me know what you think in the comments below. My name is Markus Savaglio and this has been your weekly market update.

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