Exciting Development Projects in Sheboygan 🏗️✨

Exciting Development Projects in Sheboygan 🏗️✨

Markus:    I know some things are still confidential, but is there any projects that you're able to talk about in a little bit more detail?

Mayor Ryan:    We've been partnering with many different developers, construction companies along the way to invest in housing. If you drive around town, you'll see some cranes in the air. We have a project going up on Indiana Ave.  We have one on 14th and Illinois. We're working on pretty soon here at the Gartman Farm on the far South side of the city, 270 acres about. We'll be building a brand new neighborhood essentially. This is not going to be a sprawled out subdivision by any means. This is going to be an area that we have many different types of housing to meet the housing needs that we have coming in the future.

Markus:     So it sounds like it's going to be more of a city within a city?

Mayor Ryan:    A whole new neighborhood. We want to make sure that there's amenities down there as well, mixed-use developments, making sure that folks have green spaces and parks to recreate and have fun with as well.

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