Diving into the Future of the Aurora Site πŸ₯➑️🏑

Diving into the Future of the Aurora Site πŸ₯➑️🏑

Markus: Let's switch gears here to the Aurora site, the, the former Memorial Hospital. Can you can you tell us what's going on with that? It seems like there's a lot of rumors out there and I'm really hoping that we'll see some single family homes or something that's more along the lines of what the neighborhood currently looks like.

Ryan: So it's a privately owned parcel by Aurora. There have been ideas pitched around, but nothing at this time has been set in stone. So we keep having updates with neighborhood associations and community groups to keep them appraised of what is going on. But at this time, nothing, nothing is in the works. Focus for us is housing. We want to make sure that whatever we put in there fits the feel of that neighborhood.

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