Inside Sheboygan's Weill Center: A Historic Theater Tour

Inside Sheboygan's Weill Center: A Historic Theater Tour

Markus: Hey, I'm Markus, your local realtor. And today I'm in downtown Sheboygan at the Wild Center, checking out some cool places here in Sheboygan.

Katy: Hi, everyone. I'm Katie Glodosky, the executive Director here at the Weill Center. Thank you, Marcus, for joining us today. I'm excited to give you a tour of this historic jam.

Markus: This place is pretty awesome.

Katy: It is. We are so lucky to have this down in downtown Sheboygan here for our patrons and visitors to enjoy as well. So should we start with the tour?

Markus: Yeah. Do you mind showing me the theater space?

Katy: Here we go. So here's the inside of our auditorium, we have 1150 seats here. We have a main floor and balcony area and a beautiful stage that is fit for Broadway.

Markus: That's fantastic. So originally, what was this building?

Katy: This is actually one of 400 movie houses that Universal Pictures Studios built around the nation between 1927 and 1928. So we are one of the less than 108 remaining in the United States. So we're pretty lucky to have that here.

Markus: Could you describe the architecture style of this particular building?

Katy: Sure. So the Universal Pictures created these historic atmospheric type theater. So in here you see the Spanish architectural revival theme and that is all the way throughout the the starry night sky. You'll see the Dome effect of the theater all the way down to the gold paints on the wall. Just all these little details that are very meticulous. And really speak to the architecture of the time.

Markus: So when this was first built, it looked just like it did today or had there been any changes over the years?

Katy: Yeah, So we were fortunate to have a wonderful group of volunteers in 1996 that led the effort to restore this theater. So what you see is almost exactly what it looked like in the late 1920s minus the seats are a little bigger now and a little wider where ADA accessible, so it's a great space for anyone to come.

Markus: Fantastic. So that means you probably have some family friendly event planning here.

Katy: Absolutely. So we have something for everyone. We most recently had Dinosaur World live for our family members. We have an Alice in Wonderland Cirque event coming up, very many family friendly video, our movies as well as classic movies, so catering to all ages. We also do Broadway performances, so for the first time ever this season, we have our first ever Broadway series and we look forward to continue to have that available for Sheboygan.

Markus: What should we look forward to at that Broadway series?

Katy: Yes. So this season we have Jesus Christ Superstar and we'll be having a little woman for the first time since 2005, they'll be reviving their tour.

Markus: Oh fantastic.

Katy: In addition, we do a lot of comedy. You might have heard of Charlie Behring,

Markus: the Mantua Minute guy. Fantastic.

Katy: So Charlie Behrens is coming to the theater, as well as several other comedy acts. We also love to do other theatrical performances, variety events. If you've seen it on America's Got Talent and you liked it, you'll find something similar here on the stage.

Markus: Fantastic.

Katy: And then last but not least, music concerts. We have a lot of great country acts, national touring concerts and a lot of great musicians emerging and established.

Markus: I also hear that you have a Symphony that performs in this building.

Katy: Yes. So Wisconsin's longest operating Symphony. We are the home to the Sheboygan Symphony Orchestra.

Markus: Oh, fantastic. I I love what this place looks like. But I, you know what everybody at home wants to know? What I want to know is show us the spots that nobody else gets to see. Only the performers get to see something like that.

Katy: You got it. Let's head backstage.

Markus: OK, cool.

Katy: OK.

Markus: So you've taken us onto the stage now and we're going to be able to see some things that nobody ever gets to see like whatever that is behind me. What, What is this?

Katy:   Yeah, so that's what we call the rail and it has a lot of weights on it and really controls all of the rigs up on the ceiling that you see. So the different backdrops, the movie screens, the lighting, we are definitely top notch for the production quality of events that we have here and we have the equipment and the size of the stage to make it work.

Markus: Oh, that's really awesome. So I remember being here a couple years ago on New Year's Eve for an event that happened right in this space over here.

Katy: Yes, we love planning parties on the stage,

Markus: what's in the works for 2024?

Katy: So for 2024, we are going to be having a special jazz night in April. April is Jazz Appreciation Month. So we're excited to welcome a jazz singer and transform the stage into more of a jazz lounge. Yes. And we also do rentals. So anyone who wants to get married here or have a private party here, we've made this look like a comedy club before. We've had weddings here before. Receptions, Gala's, fundraisers. You you need it. We add the space.

Markus: Well, I didn't know you could do that. And I'm really excited to know that I can host a party here at some point.

Katy: Yes, but you need a place to get ready. Should I show you the dressing room?

Markus: Oh, yeah. Let's go. Well, we're here in the dressing room.

Katy: Yes, this is the dressing room. We found you here. So this is our space where we have the larger groups Get ready right before they come on stage for the shows. So anywhere from the community theater groups to the Estate Ballet Theatre of Ukraine. Come in here and get ready and they'll be tutus and dresses and props and costumes. They'll come in, They'll use our showers, put on their makeup, get on the stage, and when they're done, they jump in their bus and head on to the next market.

Markus: That's quite something.

Katy: Yes, Yes. So we have one more stop on the toy.

Markus: So what's next for the theater?

Katy: So funny you ask. We're here in the ticket office where you can buy tickets to all of our upcoming events. We have a lot of great shows coming up, including the infamous String dusters, The Righteous Brothers, Alice, Dreaming of Wonderland, which is a Cirque show. And even the Pop 2000 store featuring Chris Kirkpatrick of *NSYNC.

Markus: Oh, really?

Katy: Yes.

Markus: How cool.

Katy: Yeah. So anyone can come in here any day, Tuesday through Friday, 12:00 to 4:00 and see Abby, our lovely ticket office attendant, and purchase tickets for upcoming events.

Markus:  And can you also do that online? Online, Anytime.

Markus: Fantastic. Thanks so much.

Katy: Thank you, Markus!

Markus: Pleasure being here today.

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