New TID District in Sheboygan

New TID District in Sheboygan

Markus: I noticed that the Common Council just approved a bunch of new TID districts. Can you tell us a little bit more about what the plan is for those? TIDD is a tax incremental district.

Ryan:     It's a financing mechanism that local governments can use to help promote development. Sheboygan is in a strong financial position right now so that we can help support and incentivize some key development project. Some projects are going to be centered down some housing units. I talked about the South side that we're going to be working on some projects down there on the north side as well as some of our key quarters like downtown and on the West side as well. Plethora of different projects, some senior housing, some retail, some commercial, all across the board. You're going to see us start rolling out some fun projects here. Making sure that we're putting some investments in infrastructure along the way as well. We're really excited about these opportunities and having a supportive City Council to see this come through.

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