The Truth About New Construction Home Inspections πŸ πŸ”

The Truth About New Construction Home Inspections πŸ πŸ”

Myth number 6, you can't have a new construction house inspected before buying.

Here's the truth.

Home inspections, including new construction properties, are a critical component of buying a home. While a reputable builder will conduct their own inspection, they will welcome you, hiring a third party inspector to ensure the property was built according to local building code. You can even periodically inspect the home throughout the construction process so you and your inspector can have a better understanding of the home's condition and help them to see things that they probably wouldn't see once the home is completed.

As a matter of fact, any builder who refuses to allow you to perform a home inspection should raise some major red flags. Just because it's new construction doesn't mean it's free of flaws. New construction homes are also inspected by the local municipalities throughout the building process, and those municipalities provide a final certificate of occupancy before anyone's allowed to move in.

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